Cheapest way to ship clothing?

cheapest way to ship a shirt

Cheapest way to ship clothing

Items required:
Poly Mailers
Clear Poly Mailers
Shipping Scale
Shipping Labels

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-Once you sell an item of clothing on any website, you should ship it asap. Buyers on appreciate fast shipping sellers and it will help your feedback.
-You should add a tracking number when you ship clothing.
-USPS is the cheapest and fastest for shipping items under 16 ounces.
-The process is exactly the same for items weighing over 16 ounces.
-If you are shipping an item that is over 16 ounces the best options are usually USPS Flat Rate envelope, then a regular shipping box followed by medium flat rate box.

  1. Neatly fold the clothing then place it in a clear poly mailer then seal.
  2. Place the clear poly mailer into the thicker poly mailer then seal.
  3. Place the sealed poly mailer on the shipping scale to check the weight. Example 10.7 Ounces.
  4. Always round up so 10.7 ounces would be declared 11 ounce shipping weight.
  5. Go to your listing and click on your sold item then click ship item.
  6. Enter the package weight and dimensions. Example dimensions; 13x13x4 weight 11 oz
  7. Select USPS first class package, then click purchase.
  8. Print the shipping label then place it on front of the poly bag.
  9. Bring your item to the post office or schedule a USPS pickup (The great thing about using USPS is that you can go to USPS website and schedule a pickup at your location)

Done! Now you know the cheapest way to ship clothing.

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