How to post size charts on ebay

Option 1- Copy generated sizing chart html code. Paste the code in the sites html section as shown below. Copy code Click html then Paste code in ebay html Result Option 2- Save as the size chart as an image and add to your posting images. Done. Hit list item on ebay and that’s it! […]

How to create a size chart

Sizegem has 200+ Size Templates that help sellers illustrate measurements to buyers. Login Sizegem or create a free account. 2. Select a size template you want to post on an e commerce site. 3. Add the measurements you wish to add. Minimum measurements is 1. 4. This step is optional. You can just leave blank. […]

How to measure a men’s dress shirt?

How to Measure a Dress Shirt 3 measurements are usually adequate for most types of clothing.Chest, sleeve length and length are the most important to add.Lay the shirt on a flat surface, preferably a table or ironing board.Stretch the shirt so it’s completely flatUse a tape measureWrite down the measurements, tag size and material types. […]