How to ship clothing for ebay?

How to ship clothing for ebay Items required:Poly MailersClear Poly MailersShipping ScalePrinterComputerShipping Labels Ebay Powerseller tip:  If you sell clothing on ebay or any site online, use the free size chart generator and make a clothing size chart! Tips–Once you sell an item of clothing on ebay, you should ship it asap. Buyers on ebay appreciate fast […]

How to measure a men’s blazer jacket?

How to measure a men’s blazer jacket for ebay or other online sales platforms.Sizegem follow on twitter button Powerseller Tips- 3 measurements are usually adequate for most types of clothing.Chest, sleeve length and length are the most important to add to a blazer jacket.Lay the blazer jacket on a flat surface, preferably a table or […]