What are the first and second number in pants size

the first and second number in pants size
In pants size the
1st Number= the Waist Measurement
2nd Number= the Inseam Measurement

In pant sizes, it will usually say “36×32.” The first number-36-is your waist measurement. The second number-32-is your inseam measurement. The inseam is measured from the center crotch seam to the bottom hem. 6/3/2020

This is how to read pants size tag numbers.
First number is always the pants waist measurement. Second number is always the pants inseam measurement. https://sizegem.com

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In men’s pants size the size chart below demonstrates where measurements were taken from. The size tag would read 34×32. This means that the pants waist measurement is 34″ and the inseam measurement is 32″. Buyers on eBay and Poshmark can more easily understand what the item’s size is that you are trying to sell if you include a sizing chart. Size charts will help increase your sales online.

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