How to measure a men’s overcoat?

how to measure a men's overcoat chart guide

How to measure a men’s overcoat

Tips- Guide to measuring a men’s overcoat

Lay the overcoat on a flat surface, preferably a table or ironing board.
Stretch the overcoat so it’s flat
Use a tape measure
Write down the measurements, tag size and material types.

  1. Chest- Measure from front of the overcoat, armpit seam to armpit seam- example- 25″
  2. Shoulders- measure from top shoulder seam to top shoulder seam.
  3. Length- flip the overcoat over. Start the measurement from the back center collar tag and go all the way down to the bottom hem of the overcoat.
  4. Sleeve Length A- Start from the back top collar tag and measure to the shoulder seam- Example- 10″
  5. Sleeve Length B- Start from the shoulder seam and go all the way down to the end of the sleeve. Example-25″
  6. Hem- Measure from the front of overcoat, side to side
  7. Waist-Measure across the front waist
  8. Sleeve- Measure from the farthest point of the sleeves.
  9. Arm- Measure from the front outside bicep to the front inside tricep.
  10. Forearm- Measure from the front outside forearm to the front inside forearm.
  11. Cuff- Measure from the widest inner wrist point to inner wrist point.

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