How to measure a men’s dress shirt?

dress shirt measuring

How to Measure a Dress Shirt

3 measurements are usually adequate for most types of clothing.
Chest, sleeve length and length are the most important to add.
Lay the shirt on a flat surface, preferably a table or ironing board.
Stretch the shirt so it’s completely flat
Use a tape measure
Write down the measurements, tag size and material types.

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  1. Chest- Measure from front of the dress shirt armpit seam to armpit seam- remember or write down the measurement- example- 23″
  2. Shoulders- measure from top shoulder seam to top shoulder seam.
  3. Length- flip the shirt over. Start the measurement from the back center collar tag and go all the way down to the bottom hem of the dress shirt.
  4. Sleeve Length A- Start from the back center collar tag and measure to the shoulder seam- Example- 10″
  5. Sleeve Length B- Start from the shoulder seam and go all the way down to the end of the sleeve. Example-25″
  6. Hem- Measure from the front shirt, side to side
  7. Waist-Measure across the front waist
  8. Sleeve- Measure from the farthest point of the sleeves.
  9. Arm- Measure from the front outside bicep to the front inside tricep.
  10. Forearm- Measure from the front outside forearm to the front inside forearm.
  11. Cuff- Measure from the widest inner wrist point to inner wrist point.
  12. Collar- Unbutton the shirt and lay it flat on it’s back. Spread the collar out so it’s flat. Place the tape measure on the collar. Measure from the middle of the button hole to the furthest part of the button.

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how to measure a men's dress shirt?

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Tip 2- How to read a dress shirt size tag? The first number is the neck size. Example. 16..
The second number is the sleeve length 34-36″

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